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DeFi vs CeFi - 150 Cards - 0.1 ETH

DeFi vs CeFi - 150 Cards - 0.1 ETH

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DeFi vs CeFi: Dive into the financial fray with two unique playstyles. The methodical CeFi deck, led by Consensus Colossus, boasts crypto classics like Sir Warren Nocoiner and Lone Whale. Meanwhile, the clever combo-style DeFi deck showcases fierce contenders like Elder Zoragon and the alluring CrypticKitties. Both touched by Moloch's chaotic power, will you choose to master a pre-constructed deck, or forge your own?

Physical bundle includes (in addition to your Alpha Edition NFT):

  • A total of 150 cards.
  • 2 Ready-to-play decks.
  • 6 Golden Holofoil Aces.
  • 6 Non-foil Aces.
  • 8 Legendary Creatures.
  • 78 Creatures, Actions, and Environments.
  • 20 Mana Gem cards.
  • 20 double-sided Flash Gem/Status Cards
  • 10 double-sided Flash Gem/Shield
  • 2 double-sided Keyword and Info & Rules card.

    Eager to learn more about the fresh gaming experience? While Ace draws inspiration from the thrill of renowned trading card games, it offers a unique narrative and gaming essence. Dive deep into its lore and mechanics on our About page.

    Ace is a physical trading card game about metaverse mythology and the magic of web3. Funded by Gitcoin Grants. 20% of profits will be donated to the Gitcoin Grants Matching Pool.

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