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Collector Edition Bundle - 300+ Cards

Collector Edition Bundle - 300+ Cards

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The 1/1 Collector Edition Bundle includes all cards from Regen vs Degen and DeFi vs CeFi—you get the complete Alpha Edition set plus 4 signed 1/1 Molochs!

  • A total of 300+ cards.
  • 4 Signed 1/1 Golden Holofoil Molochs With Unique Art
  • 4 Ready-to-Play Decks.
  • 12 Golden Holofoil Aces.
  • 12 Non-foil Aces.
  • 16 Legendary Creatures.
  • 156 Creatures, Actions, and Environments.
  • 40 Mana Gem cards.
  • 40 double-sided Flash Gem/Status Cards
  • 20 double-sided Flash Gem/Shield
  • 4 double-sided Keyword and Info & Rules card.

    Eager to learn more about the fresh gaming experience? While Ace draws inspiration from the thrill of renowned trading card games, it offers a unique narrative and gaming essence. Dive deep into its lore and mechanics on our About page.

    Ace is a physical trading card game about metaverse mythology and the magic of web3. Funded by Gitcoin Grants. 20% of profits will be donated to the Gitcoin Grants Matching Pool

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